Inequality in Access to Financial Services and Products

I take a sociological perspective to understand how inequality is produced and perpetuated within financial markets. In my dissertation, I use a supply-side perspective to identify mechanisms that have permitted the payday lending industry in the United States to become mainstream “lenders of last resort” for many American households.

Families and their Economic Lives

In other research, I turn my attention to the economic and financial experiences of individuals and families, using complex survey data and quantitative methods to examine a range of topics including financial security among young adults, racial and ethnic variation in consumers’ economic outlooks, and inequalities in couples’ earnings after parenthood.


In my research I employ a range of methods including qualitative analysis of archival documents, spatial demographic techniques, and statistical modeling. My methodological approach varies by project and is based on careful consideration of the best ways in which to answer the research question at hand.


For more information about my published work and works in progress, please visit my CV.